“Education through music is most sovereign
because rhythm and harmony
find their way to the inmost soul
and take strongest hold upon it
imparting grace, if one is rightly trained.”


The Bronisław Rutkowski Music School in Kraków offers education on two levels: elementary (the Primary Music School) and advanced (the Secondary Music School).

Our school’s learning system is based on individual courses in the principal instrument performance (or vocal courses in secondary education) as well as group courses in general music knowledge, group performance, choir, orchestra and big band.

Our school prepares instrumentalists and vocalists for performance purposes and further music education.

The aim of the school is to educate children and young people professionally as well as develop their musical sensitivity.

Our school provides only music courses, we do not provide regular school courses.

The education process in our school is founded on the care for our pupils’ well-being as well as conscious teaching and upbringing effort.